Diabetes is a disease which is resented by metabolism disorders and abnormally high blood sugar, described as a reason of low amount of insulin or unusual reaction to insulin's influence together with abnormal insulin levels as compensation.

Common signs of diabetes are excess urine emission, excessive thirst and enhanced fluid consumption, as well as blurred vision. The mentioned signs are not characteristic, if blood sugar levels are approximately normal.

Diabetes may lead to great number of consequences. Severe consequences may happen if the illness is not strongly regulated. Severe long-lasting consequences are presented by chronic renal failure, cardiovascular illness, nerve damage, retinal damage, and capillary damage, which can lead to erectile dysfunction and poor treatment. Poor treatment of injuries, especially on the legs, may cause gangrene, and consequently amputation. For the present moment diabetes is considered to be a chronic illness, which is impossible to cure, and medicinal interference is be needed to avoid potential long-lasting and short-term troubles, happening due to diabetes. Medicines, which can help to control diabetes, include Avanidia, Glucotrol or Actos.

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