Effects of Erectile Dysfunction in Women

When we speak about male sexual problems it is as if the problem concerns only men. Sexual relations are complicated and if one partner has a problem this means that the other has it to. Therefore ED influences both men and women with the difference that the former suffer from it directly and the latter has to face the consequences. It is hard for both; and women are very frustrated to realize that there is nothing they could do or help anyway.

ED is a hard trial for a relationship and not many couples are able to handle the problem without a restraint. Why it is so men's and women's feelings should be understood.

If an unhappy situation occurs a man does not feel self-confident any more; instead he feels insecure. A man's ego is very strong and important and is connected with his ability to perform and satisfy the partner. He believes in his abilities and from here his confidence originates. But when he fails it's like he loses ground under his feet. Surrounded by other men he is sure to worry that his partner will find someone more able and leave.

Frustrated by the situation a man becomes irritated and anxious, difficult to communicate with. Feeling unsafe all the time he is afraid of the sexual activity for fear to fail again, making it harder for his partner as she does not know how to behave not to hurt him more. A man tends to become jealous of his partner being surrounded by other men thus evoking more quarrels and restraint.

In addition to irritation and feebleness a man feels guilty because he can not satisfy his partner any more. He starts self-analysis and seeks for the reasons that may or may not be his fault. Like his lifestyle and lacking attention to health, or whatever. Self-analysis quickly leads to self-pity and removal from the partner. In this situation how it is felt for a woman when she sees the sufferings and is unable to help?

What is needed here is mutual desire to work together. It is crucial for a man not to feel ashamed and embarrassed and for a woman to be understanding. And, of course, the vital thing is mutual openness when the one is not hiding his depression and despair and the other is ready to help, first of all emotionally, and make it very clear that he is still needed and loved.

Another condition for a successful outcome is consultation with the professional. There is no necessity to be embarrassed about it. The quicker you know the reason why your erection fails (health problems or any other reasons of a psychological kind, i.e. stress or trauma, etc.) the easier and more effective it will be for to organize the treatment. Once you traced the causes there is a wide choice of cure opportunities.

Do not let such a problem as ED ruin your relationship. Do not think that now when you experience problems with your erection there is nothing to be done about it. There is, actually. Use the situation to make your relations even stronger. Do not give up.

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