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Brand Viagra. Main ingredient - Sildenafil citrate, It also has got such names as Viagra or Revatio. It is an oral medication that is presupposed to be used for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment as well as for the cure of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It was formulated by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company and nowadays is considered one of the most effective drugs in this sphere of the market.
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Brand Cialis. Main ingredient - Tadalafil. It is a medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment as well. It was developed by Eli Lilly and pharmaceutical company ICOS.
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Brand Levitra. Main ingredient - Vardenafil (INN). It represents a PDE5 inhibitor and is supposed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Its aim is to help men with erection problems to achieve and/or maintain it. The brand name of the medication is Levitra (Bayer AG).
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Health Articles

Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction

ED is inability to achieve and maintain erection. The condition is tolerated very hard by men because they see is not only just as an illness. They feel as if they have been deprived of their masculinity (more...)

Erectile Dysfunction from a Women's Point of View

Erectile dysfunction is a popular topic when it comes to the sexual health problems. There are a lot of articles devoted to the subject itself and plenty to adjoining ones. They are traditionally and unfairly male-directed. (more...)

EFT and Erectile Dysfunction

The abbreviation of EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. Among other numerous indications it has ED as an indication. The technique can be applied for the wide range of ailments; it is not irksome. It comprises the combination of two alternative therapies (more...)

Different Forms of Candida and Erectile Function

Candida represents microscopic organisms that live on the surface of our body without doing any harm to the organism. Candida Albicans is the most common type but there are more than 20 all in all. Provided the surroundings of Candida change it starts to multiply and therefore evoke yeast infection or Candidiasis (more...)

Effects of Erectile Dysfunction in Women

When we speak about male sexual problems it is as if the problem concerns only men. Sexual relations are complicated and if one partner has a problem this means that the other has it to (more...)

Foods for Prevention and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is not a rare case in men. There are many ways of treatment but it is perhaps even more important to pay more attention to your health and lifestyle before the problem occurs (more...)

Erectile Dysfunction and Alcohol

At different times alcohol was treated differently. It was considered unsound and harmful and was prohibited to some extent; now some researches claim the necessity to preserve a small amount of it in blood for the better performance of the organism and it is even considered an advantage for health if taken moderately. (more...)

Is Erectile Dysfunction Psychological or Physical?

To have pleasure and to please is a part of our nature. In many ancient cultures giving pleasure was considered a duty. But if something goes wrong (more...)

Propecia Applied to Cure Male Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a condition which affects millions of males every year in the United States. There are some remedies used to treat this condition, oral ones and those which are not taken orally. Propecia, or Finasteride, belongs to the oral medicines, and has proven to be 68 percent effective in treating hair loss in males. (more...)

Generic Medicine Race

More and more we speak of the effects the generic medicines produce in comparison with their original counterparts. These medications are intended to produce the same results using herbal or alternative ingredients, but the truth is that these components can be more harmful and damaging for the user's health, than the side effects of the brand-name drugs. This also touches the medicines in the category of erectile dysfunction treatment, as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, who are mostly popular among males for their ability to produce good and hard erections. (more...)

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